ROI-RFX Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Alberston, NY, March 2022 — The ROI-RFX Wireless temperature monitoring system provides real-time monitoring of remote temperature sensors.

ROI-RFX Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
ROI-RFX wireless temperature monitoring system

“In the age of smart phones and computers, everything is becoming more accessible – now your data is at your fingertips. As more and more of our customers look for solutions to solve their monitoring needs, we wanted to provide our users with the ability to remotely access their data to easily gain a state of awareness”.

ROI-RFX wireless temperature monitoring

Users can now monitor remote temperature sensors, with ROI-RFX Wireless temperature monitoring system. Signals can be streamed real time on your phone/computer on [HMI Screens] or recorded directly into Excel for further evaluation. This is all done wirelessly without having to be at the site of the sensor through the web applications. Perform live data analysis in Excel or view charts/graphs that automatically update with real time sensor data with ROI-RFX ADCs. ROI-RFX is Windows compatible and can be connected to your computer via USB port RF adapters (allowing for remote temperature measurement) or directly by the computer’s USB port.

“Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to monitor their systems real-time to ensure consistent uptime and reliability. With Helix Energy Transfer’s wireless transmitter system, end users have the ability to add in alerts that get sent right to your smart phone via SMS/Email, if/when equipment malfunctions or sensors detect shifts in user set limits.

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